What are Bullet Points and How to Use Them in HTML Email?

Understanding the Basics of Bullet Points

Bullet points are essential tools in email marketing, used to break down information into easily digestible items. They help organize content in a structured manner, making key points stand out and improving the readability of your email. In HTML emails, bullet points can be created using unordered (<ul>) or ordered (<ol>) list tags, with individual items marked by the list item (<li>) tag.

Bullet points enhance the structure and readability of your email content, making important information more accessible to your audience.

How to Create Unordered Lists with Bullet Points?

To create an unordered list in HTML email, use the <ul> tag, enclosing each item within <li> tags. This will generate a list with bullet points as the default markers, providing a clear format for presenting lists without a specific order.

  • Key Takeaway: Use the <ul> and <li> tags to organize your email content into an easily navigable format, enhancing the user experience.

Styling Bullet Points with CSS Attributes

While the default style of bullet points serves well for clarity, customizing their appearance with CSS can align them more closely with your brand's identity. You can use the list-style-type CSS property to change the bullet shape or list-style-image to use a custom image. Applying margin and padding can further adjust the list's layout within your email.

  • Key Takeaway: Customize bullet points with CSS to reflect your brand's style and improve the aesthetic appeal of your emails.

Benefits of Using Bullet Points in HTML Email

Enhancing Readability and Scannability

Bullet points transform blocks of text into manageable chunks, making emails quicker to scan and easier to read. This format encourages subscribers to engage with the content, increasing the likelihood of conveying your message effectively.

  • Key Takeaway: Utilize bullet points to break down information, making your emails more user-friendly and increasing engagement.

Highlighting Key Points Effectively

Strategically placed bullet points can draw attention to the most critical information, such as key benefits, product features, or calls to action. This method ensures that important details are not lost in the text, enhancing the email's effectiveness in communicating value to the reader.

  • Key Takeaway: Use bullet points to emphasize important information, ensuring your key messages are noticed and remembered by subscribers.

Best Practices for Utilizing Bullet Points in HTML Email

Choosing the Right Bullet Style and Size

Selecting the appropriate bullet style and size is crucial for maintaining the reader's focus and ensuring that the key points stand out. While HTML offers default styles, using CSS allows for customization, enabling you to match bullet points with your brand’s aesthetic. Consider the visual impact of your bullet style and size; they should enhance readability without overwhelming the content.

  • Key Takeaway: Customize bullet points to align with your brand identity and improve content readability.

Creating Consistent Formatting Across Email Clients

Achieving uniformity in bullet point presentation across various email clients can be challenging due to differing CSS support. Utilize inline CSS and consider fallback options for clients with limited CSS support. Testing your email across multiple platforms ensures your bullet points maintain their intended format, providing a consistent experience for all recipients.

  • Key Takeaway: Use inline CSS for bullet points and rigorously test emails across clients to ensure consistent formatting.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Bullet Points in HTML Email

Overloading with Too Many Bullet Points

While bullet points are effective for breaking up text and highlighting key information, using too many can dilute their impact and overwhelm the reader. Limit bullet points to essential items, and organize information into sections if necessary to keep the email clean and reader-friendly.

  • Key Takeaway: Use bullet points sparingly to maintain their effectiveness and keep your email content focused.

Accessibility is paramount in email design. Ensure bullet points are not just visually distinguishable but also accessible to screen readers. Use semantic HTML tags like <ul> and <li> to create lists, ensuring that assistive technologies can correctly interpret and read them out.

  • Key Takeaway: Prioritize accessibility by using proper HTML tags for bullet points, making your emails inclusive.

Fun Fact

The use of bullet points dates back to the medieval period, where they were used in manuscripts to highlight key points in the margins. Today, they are a staple in digital communication, showcasing their timeless utility in organizing information.


  1. Why should I use bullet points in my HTML emails?

  • Bullet points improve the readability and visual appeal of your emails, making it easier for subscribers to digest important information.

  1. Can I customize the appearance of my bullet points?

  • Yes, using CSS, you can customize bullet points to match your brand's style, including changing their shape, color, and size.

  1. How do bullet points affect email engagement?

  • By making emails easier to read and highlighting key information, bullet points can increase subscriber engagement and enhance the overall effectiveness of your email campaigns.

  1. Are bullet points compatible with all email clients?

  • While most email clients support basic bullet point styling, advanced CSS customizations may not render consistently across all platforms. Testing is essential.

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