Staying informed about the latest developments in the field of Human Resources (HR) is crucial for HR professionals and anyone interested in HR best practices. HR newsletters serve as invaluable sources of HR news, industry news, trends, and insights. In 2023, there are numerous HR newsletters to choose from, each offering unique perspectives and updates on HR technology, best practices, and more. In this curated list of the 18 best HR newsletters, we will explore trending HR news, share insights from HR professionals, and provide a glimpse into the ever-evolving world of human resources.

Understanding HR Newsletters

What is an HR Newsletter?

An HR newsletter is a regular publication, often delivered via email, that serves as a valuable source of information and updates related to the field of Human Resources (HR). These email newsletters provide HR professionals with a curated collection of content, including news articles, insights, best practices, and the latest HR trends. Whether in the form of a daily newsletter or a weekly digest, HR newsletters offer a convenient way to keep HR leaders and executives informed and engaged with relevant HR content.

Importance of HR Newsletters

HR newsletters play a pivotal role in keeping HR professionals' brains full of the latest HR trends and developments. The HR department is at the heart of an organization's workforce management, and staying informed is vital. These newsletters offer a one-stop-shop for top HR stories, HR tech updates, and HR software reviews, ensuring that HR professionals are equipped with the knowledge and insights needed to make informed decisions and drive HR management effectively.

Best Practices for HR Newsletters

Creating an effective HR newsletter requires adhering to best practices. A well-crafted HR newsletter provides value to HR professionals by offering relevant and engaging content. It should include a mix of HR news, best practices, and innovative HR ideas. Whether it's a daily HR news briefing or a weekly digest, consistency is key to keeping your audience engaged. Additionally, HR newsletters should be easy to navigate and mobile-friendly, ensuring that HR leaders can access the content anytime, anywhere. By adhering to these best practices, HR newsletters can serve as a valuable resource for HR professionals seeking to stay updated in the ever-evolving world of human resources.

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Top 5 HR Newsletters for 2023

HR Dive

HR Dive is an essential reading for HR professionals. This free newsletter delivers must-read HR stories, trends, and best practices right to your inbox. Whether you're a seasoned HR pro or just starting, HR Dive offers valuable insights and resources for HR and people management. With a finger on the pulse of the industry, this newsletter is a great HR tool to help you become the best in your HR role.

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

SHRM is a trusted HR resource that provides a range of newsletters for HR pros. Their monthly newsletter covers the latest HR news and essential updates, making it a valuable resource for HR teams. SHRM's commitment to helping HR professionals find the best trends and best practices makes it a go-to source on the internet to find the best HR information.

HR Morning

HR Morning is where real HR professionals turn for helpful HR insights. This daily HR news newsletter offers a wealth of information to keep your HR team informed and empowered. From compliance issues to employee management tips, HR Morning delivers the knowledge and resources for HR pros to excel in their roles.

HR Bartender

HR Bartender, curated by an experienced HR executive, offers daily HR news and advice with a touch of humor. It's not just another HR newsletter; it's a great HR tool that provides a unique blend of expertise and approachability. Whether you're looking for leadership tips or HR trends, HR Bartender is here to help you navigate the world of HR and people management.


HRZone's weekly newsletter is an indispensable resource for HR professionals seeking the latest HR trends and best practices. With a focus on thought leadership and research-backed insights, HRZone offers a comprehensive overview of the HR landscape. Stay ahead of the curve with this invaluable HR resource that delivers the best in HR information.

Tips for Creating a Successful HR Newsletter

Determine Your Target Audience

Before crafting your HR newsletter, it's essential to define your target audience. Consider whether it's for HR professionals and leaders in the field of HR, or if it's meant for internal HR skills development within your organization. Understanding your audience's needs and preferences will guide the content and tone of your newsletter, ensuring it resonates with your readers.

Choose a Catchy Newsletter Title

Your HR newsletter's title is the first thing readers will see, so it should be catchy and reflect the content's essence. Whether you opt for a traditional HR newsletter or a more innovative approach to HR communication, a compelling title can pique interest and encourage readers to explore further. It's your newsletter's first impression, so make it count.

Curate Relevant and Engaging Content

The success of your HR newsletter hinges on the quality of its content. Curate relevant and engaging articles, updates, and insights. Cover a wide range of HR topics, highlighting the latest HR trends and hot HR topics. Whether it's HR and recruitment strategies or best practices in talent management, your curated HR articles should provide value and actionable takeaways for your readers.

Format and Design

The format and design of your HR newsletter are key to its readability and visual appeal. Ensure that it's well-organized with clear headings, subheadings, and a user-friendly layout. Consider using an HR software platform like Lattice to streamline the design process. Lattice is an HR software platform that offers customizable newsletter templates, making it easy to create polished and professional HR newsletters that capture readers' attention.

Establish a Regular Publishing Schedule

Consistency is crucial in HR newsletter publishing. Establish a regular publishing schedule, whether it's a daily, weekly, or monthly newsletter. Readers should know when to expect updates on HR news and insights. Setting and adhering to a schedule helps build anticipation and keeps your HR newsletter top-of-mind for your audience. It's a big step in your HR career as it showcases your commitment to keeping your readers informed and engaged.

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Recap of the best HR newsletters in 2023

In conclusion, HR newsletters are invaluable resources that help HR professionals stay informed about the latest and most relevant HR news, trends, and emerging HR software. Whether it's a biweekly newsletter or a daily digest, these newsletters serve as a bridge between HR professionals and the wealth of information available in the field. They bring new ideas and evidence about work and human resources, making them essential reading for those looking to excel in their HR roles. HR Morning, along with a host of HR blogs and unique newsletters, provides a curated selection of HR insights. The primary aim of these newsletters is to provide HR professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of HR effectively. By partnering with these HR newsletters, HR professionals can access a wealth of information that empowers them to make informed decisions and drive positive change in their organizations.

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